B2B User Experience Design (B2B UX)

Deliver outstanding customer experiences that delight customers and convert prospects. B2B user experience design (B2B UX) gives you an edge over your competition.

What is B2B user experience design (B2B UX)?

B2B user experience design (B2B UX) allows you to create digital experiences that delight your audience and deliver business goals. In a competitive marketplace where everyone has a website, the quality of the experience a visitor has on your site can often define success. Imagine a sales person going to a meeting poorly prepared, their presentation not making sense or not working, and not being able to answer any questions the prospect may have. A poor website is that sales person, unfortunately, in this case, every prospect in your pipeline has that shocking experience.e

A positive user experience can give you the edge, prospects will find what they need and will immediately see you in a positive light. How often have you been frustrated by websites that are confusing or just don’t work?  In the business-to-business (B2B) landscape, the website is the shop window to what the business offers. It’s the sales person that everyone meets. If that first experience is bad, then it irreparably damages your prospect’s expectations.



Does B2B user experience design (B2B UX) matter?

In the competitive landscape where your buyer is faced with almost unlimited sources of information, the only real way to stand out is by truly understanding your target audience.  Being able to appeal to the needs of your prospect, communicating clearly and in the way they expect, will give your digital marketing the edge.

User experience (UX) design isn’t just about web pages. User experience design is about delivering the full end-to-end user journey for your audience that takes them from being an unknown visitor to a closed sale and a happy customer. The key to user experience design is having a clear understanding of your target audience and the personas you are appealing to. This understanding is developed through the UX process can then be utilized in all aspects of your digital marketing. Whether you’re writing copy, designing landing pages or putting together marketing automation flows put the user at the center of your work.

Are you ready to differentiate your marketing from your competitors and boost digital marketing ROI by knowing exactly what your customers want?

B2B Customer Journey Mapping

One of the growing needs for any B2B business is the requirement to understand the customer. This is true in all areas of B2B digital marketing whether you are building a website or an email campaign. Many think about B2B user experience design in the context of websites. However, it has the potential to shape your organization, or at the very least deliver a critical piece of insight that should be used across your organization, this is the customer journey map.


The customer journey map brings together different insights to build an end to end view of the customer journey, from acquisition to retention. It’s a visual tool that requires ongoing maintenance and support decision making.


B2B user experience design teams are ideally placed to deliver and own the customer journey map. B2B user experience design requires user research, UX designers need to think from the customer’s point of view, and, B2B UX designers need to work across organizational silos. These are some of the competencies required to prepare the customer journey map.

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Best practices in B2B user experience design (B2B UX)

When it comes to creating business-to-business websites and digital experiences, what delivers a positive experience in B2C will also deliver a positive experience for a B2B buyer. However, there are some areas where the more complex needs of a business-to-business buyer require a specific B2B approach to user experience design.

B2B website user experience should cater for multiple personas

Business to business purchasing decisions are made by teams. These procurement teams are made up of individuals from across the organization, each with diverse needs and expectations. As with all B2B marketing activities, an understanding of your audience is critical. UX insights around personas and audiences are valuable across your marketing execution beyond just web design. Cater to the differing informational needs of each audience.

B2B user experience design must support the longer B2B sales cycle

B2B websites must support the longer sales cycle of a business-to-business purchase. It’s likely the same set of buyers will need to repeatedly visit your website over an extended period. Through the sales cycle, the information needs of buyers will also change, as buyers get closer to a buying decision they will look for increasingly detailed information.

B2B user experience design must support a content rich website

Business-to-business buyers want to carry out their own research and contact the vendor only in the latter stages of the decision-making process. This means that B2B vendors need to provide a lot of information, and their web presence must facilitate information gathering. In a B2B purchase where the information need increases the closer the buyer is to a decision, content can make or break a sale.

B2B businesses should speak to the needs of both end users and decision makers

Business to business websites often make the mistake of only speaking to the needs of the decision-makers. While decision makers are obviously a critical audience, the actual users of the product or service are just as important and can play a pivotal role in influencing decision makers.

Align business and visitor goals

B2B user experience design puts the visitor at its center and ensures the visitor meets their goals. Forcing your visitors to do something in an attempt to meet your business goals will frustrate your visitors which will result in a detrimental user experience. A negative user experience in a B2B context where every visitor could make or break a buying decision could significantly impact the bottom line.

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