B2B Search Engine Optimization

Ignite growth and lead generation by ensuring you can be found by your future customers


Your future customers are researching their pain points, learning about solutions and comparing vendors, and they are doing all that using search. Is your business visible?

What is a B2B search engine optimization?

B2B search engine optimization (B2B SEO) refers to the tactics and methods you can deploy with the aim of generating more traffic from search. Organic traffic is often the best form of traffic a website can receive because you don’t pay for every visitor that clicks through to your site, and if you have undertaken optimization correctly, the traffic you attract should be relevant to the product or service that you offer.

Critical in business-to-business markets where information hungry buyers are doing their own research before contacting a vendor, B2B search engine optimization helps your future customers find you in the search engine results. Your future customers will want to find solutions to their challenges often without knowing who can help. They will use a broad range of terms that align to their challenge and expected outcomes.

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Why is B2B search engine optimization important?

B2B search engine optimization is an ongoing process for increasing organic traffic. Organic traffic is nonpaid traffic generated from search engines. We already know that a majority of online journeys begin with a search. A B2B buyer is likely to begin their customer journey with a search and by carrying out B2B SEO, digital marketers try to ensure that their websites have a prominent position in the search results when those first steps on the B2B buying journey are taken.

In any B2B purchase the buyer (often a team) are looking for the best solution and to minimize risk. Credibility in B2B is a major factor and SEO can help vendors establish this credibility early in the buying journey. If your business appears highly ranked for a variety of relevant search terms, future buyers will regularly encounter your brand alongside other market leaders. If your competitors appear on page one and your business appears on page 3, that’s a significant blow to your credibility.

Differences between B2B search engine optimization (B2B SEO) and B2C search engine optimization

Business-to-business search engine optimization is very similar to optimizing consumer websites. However, some key differences need to be considered when developing a B2B search engine optimization strategy.

B2B SEO targets a niche market

B2B search engine optimization occurs within niche markets this means fewer searches are happening, but there is also less competition. In the consumer world, there are millions of people searching “iPhone”, there are a few thousand looking for “iphone for corporate use”.

B2B SEO needs to consider multiple personas

In the business-to-business market, you are dealing with a variety of individuals which make up the decision-making team, with a broad and deep skill set. Having a wide audience means you can often go into much more detail on particular topics, giving you a wider range of search terms to target. In B2C SEO you are unlikely to be serving customers with a high level of subject matter expertise.

The B2B sales cycle is long

Business-to-business purchases are much more considered, take longer and there are multiple points in journey were buyers will be doing research. The longer decision-making process gives B2B organizations plenty of opportunities to appear in the search results organically.

Watch now: What is search engine optimization?

In this video, you’ll see a short overview of what search engine optimization is and some key factors.

B2B Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

We know B2B buyers are information hungry, this makes search engine optimization the perfect channel from which to attract traffic and grow your business. If you only appear in the search results when someone searches for your brand or product, then it’s likely to be too late in the buying journey to make a significant difference. Your business needs to appear when someone searches for their problem so that you can start cultivating relationships as early as possible. Here are some B2B SEO best practices to support your search engine optimization journey.

Focus on the user, not SEO

In the past, certain tactics would get websites ahead in SEO but result in a detrimental to the user experience. Search engines are much smarter now and improving continuously; they want to replicate real user behavior as closely as possible. Focus on delivering a great experience for your website visitors, and this will help your B2B search engine optimization efforts.

Offer content that provides genuine value

In B2B SEO backlinks matter, these are links to your website from other trusted sites. If a third party website is going to link to your site and promote it, you must offer content of true value. Think of each link to your website as a vote. The more votes your site has, the greater trust Google will place in it. 

Pages rank not sites

Search engine results consist of pages not websites. Every page on your website is a chance to rank. Avoid competing with yourself and splitting your ranking value by ensuring every page is optimized for one unique term.

Be mobile friendly and fast

People are increasingly searching and browsing on mobile devices. Due to the increase in mobile consumption Google is now prioritizing mobile friendly pages. B2B websites need to be mobile friendly both for SEO and for the benefit of their users.

We help businesses grow using digital

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