B2B Pay Per Click Marketing

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B2B pay per click marketing helps business-to-business organizations drive traffic to their websites and landing pages. Organic B2B search engine optimization takes time, among other things B2B pay per click marketing gives you the ability to show your ads to highly targeted and relevant search traffic.

What is B2B pay per click marketing (PPC)?

B2B pay per click marketing is a marketing tactic that enables advertisers to show ads but only pay for each click rather than pay for impressions. It’s highly valuable for B2B organizations that want to generate leads through online channels. It, for example, allows businesses to target highly specific terms and drive traffic to lead generating pages and gated content. Unlike many other forms of marketing, it’s much more straightforward to link a lead directly to spend. Reliable reporting means advertisers can identify keywords and ads that generate the most ROI.

Business-to-Business Pay Per Click Marketing, Optimized.

Attract highly targeted traffic to your website and landing pages almost instantly. Generate leads from visitors with a clear and immediate need using B2B PPC marketing.

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What are the different types of B2B pay per click marketing?

There are different types of B2B pay per click marketing allowing advertisers different options for targeting. Regardless of which type you choose, you only pay per click.

Search Advertising

The traditional form of PPC marketing is search advertising. This is where ads are shown in response to a search. The most popular search advertising platform is AdWords which allows advertisers to advertise on Google search engine results pages. Search adverting allows B2B businesses to target niche terms unique to their market.

Sponsored social

Target your audience through social media. Show ads based on keywords and much more. B2B businesses can use pay per click social media advertising to target job titles or companies.


Target your advertising to people who have already visited your website. These are visitors who have shown genuine interest but possibly not taken the action you want. B2B businesses can target visitors who may have come to their website but not downloaded a white paper.

Display advertising

Similar to traditional banner advertising, through display advertising B2B businesses have the opportunity to show ads on 3rd party websites. Targeting can be based on audience types, web history or hand-picked websites.

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B2B pay click marketing best practices

There are plenty of B2B businesses that are using pay click marketing as a tactic to promote their business. However, many don’t follow the basic best practices of B2B PPC. This often results in a poor return on investment. Following the PPC best practices outlined below can help you use B2B pay per click marketing as a Tactic for Growth.

B2B PPC best practice 1: Focus on quality not quantity

B2B Pay per click marketing is a tactic for attracting highly targeted visitors, not a high volume of traffic. Advertiser focus must be on quality, not quantity. Use highly targeted keywords and ads. The more focused you are, the higher the quality of traffic you will attract.

B2B PPC best practice 2: Have targeted landing pages

With pay per click marketing, you are paying per click. Send visitors directly to pages where they are most likely to convert. Don’t send visitors to a homepage where you expect them to browse to find what they need.

B2B PPC best practice 3: Use PPC to capture leads

B2B pay click marketing is a great tactic for generating downloads but a costly one if your aim is awareness. Other channels like social media are better suited and more cost-effective for creating awareness. To generate leads promote downloadable collateral such as white papers.

B2B PPC best practice 4: Use ad copy as your first line of qualification

B2B pay click marketing is exactly as named; advertisers pay per click, not for impressions. Aim to qualify the visitor even before they click by having clear offers and calls to action in the ad copy itself.

B2B PPC best practice 5: Connect the dots for PPC traffic

Your PPC campaign must connect the dots between the phrases that are searched, the ad copy, and the landing page. The closer aligned these three elements are, the better your pay per click marketing activity will perform.

B2B PPC best practice 6: Think beyond trophy terms

Trophy terms are the highly competitive terms that all your rivals would like to rank for. Imagine a software company trying to attract everyone who searches for ‘software’. Great if you can achieve it but aiming for such generic terms will be costly and won’t necessarily attract traffic that is likely to convert.

B2B PPC best practice 7: Target the buyer journey

The B2B sales cycle is long, with different phases from realizing a need through to making a buying decision. Understand the journey your prospects go through and tailor content and PPC advertising to that journey. Use PPC strategies like remarketing to target prospects familiar with your brand differently to people who might be just starting on their buying journey.

B2B PPC best practice 8: Segment the audience

There are many people involved in a B2B buying decision. The decision maker, end user, IT and finance are just a few. Understand who is involved in the sales cycle of your products and segment keywords and content by audience.

B2B PPC best practice 9: Select the right platform

PPC marketing as a strategy can be deployed on search or social. Sponsored social allows businesses to advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others. Test these different platforms to see where you can deliver best ROI.

B2B PPC best practice 10: Measure and optimize

As with any digital marketing tactic measuring and optimizing is the path to high ROI. No digital tactic is perfect from the outset, but the level of analytics offered and flexibility of digital, means that tactics that are regularly reviewed and optimized work best and pay per click marketing is no different.

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