B2B Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Make the most of the traffic you already have with B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)

What is B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you make the most of your existing marketing activity. Attracting traffic is costly. It can take a number of interactions before your visitor is ready to become a lead. The return on investment from many B2B digital marketing campaigns is let down by one thing, websites and landing pages that don’t convert traffic into leads. Being able to convert a visitor into a lead is the key to unlocking B2B business growth through digital marketing. No matter how much traffic you attract, if you can’t convert, it becomes a costly waste of time. Growtorch will help you optimize your web presence so that you make the most of your existing traffic. Boost your lead generation my making the most of the traffic you already have with B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Why B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) is important

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) improves the rate at which a visitor to your website becomes a lead. B2B websites receive less traffic than B2C websites, but every B2B website visitor has the potential to make or influence large purchases. On a B2C eCommerce site like Amazon, someone who has a bad experience and leaves isn’t individually going to have a big impact. Thousands of visitors come and go. In contrast on a site like Salesforce.com, that single visitor could be worth potentially millions in lost business. Successful B2B websites need to convert visitors to prospects, making conversion rate optimization critical in B2B.

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) fixes one of the main reasons for poor digital ROI. B2B businesses need to think about how they can get the most value from their digital activity. One of the most common failures in B2B digital marketing is sending expensive traffic to poor quality websites and landing pages, that don’t convert. Quality, when it comes to B2B conversion rate optimization, isn’t having a snazzy website, it’s whether or not your visitors are taking actions that are valuable to your business.

B2B conversion rate optimization is important because it helps you make the most of your current marketing spend. If visitors are coming to your website and then leaving, never to return, that’s of no value to you. Businesses need to be thinking about conversions and lead generation. Measure success by measuring how many visitors your B2B website can convert and add to the marketing funnel. Conversion rate optimization increases the chances that your visitors will convert. Successful B2B digital marketing with a high ROI can’t be achieved by just increasing your marketing spend; you need to ensure that visitors are converting.

How does B2B conversion rate optimization work?

In its simplest form conversion rate optimization comes down to testing one version of a page against another. Two versions of a page are created, one with slight changes, for example moving the position of a call to action. Both pages receive real visitors and conversions are measured. The page that converts the most traffic wins. Over time multiple tests are to iteratively improve websites and landing pages. In B2B conversion rate optimization, we are running measurable tests and making data-backed decisions, not opinion.

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B2B Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Examples

SaSS company increases sign-ups by 102%

Basecamp increased conversions by simplifying their landing page and adding a human element.

This animation company increased revenue by 27%

PowToons increased revenue on their pricing page by 27% by testing different pricing options.

Intuit boosts conversion rates 211%

Intuit who provides financial tools to small businesses, increased conversion rates by over 200% by adding a chat feature to its signup page.

Best practice B2B Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tips

Here are some best practices to start you on your B2B conversion rate optimization (B2B CRO) journey.

Know your audience

B2B conversion rate optimization aims to convert more of your visitors to prospects and customers. Knowing your target audience is the most important first step in CRO. Understanding your audience will help you to understand their needs and how you can persuade visitors to convert.

Improve B2B landing page conversion by being highly targeted

Increase B2B conversion rates by aligning landing pages with audience needs. The more closely a web page aligns with the expectation of the visitor the better. Unlike in B2C, in B2B you are dealing with different audiences with differing needs. The procurement team in any B2B purchase is varied. The needs of an end user doing research on your product will be different to those of a decision maker looking for a return on investment. Making sure your landing pages appeal to the needs of your broad audience is a good first step in B2B conversion rate optimization. You can’t cater to the needs of everybody on one page. Consider setting up different landing pages to meet the needs of each audience.

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about testing, so always be testing

Conversion rate optimization is about testing. You should always have a test variant of a page running to see if it works better than your original version. A landing page is never perfect, and even the tests that don’t show positive results are a chance to learn,

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) takes time, be patient.

Getting reliable results takes time because results are generated from real users. The more visitors that interact with a page, the quicker conclusive results, known as statistical significance, will be reached. Statistical significance is the point at which we can confidently state that one version of a landing page works better than another.

Conversion rate optimization takes longer for B2B websites than it does on B2C sites. B2C sites have more traffic, allowing conclusions to be reached much faster.

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) is more than layout

Many B2B conversion optimization initiatives start with looking at the layout of a page rather than its contents. The real wins, especially in B2B, are often in making sure that copy communicates the proposition and call to action. If your copy is unconvincing, then your pages aren’t going to work, no matter how good the layout is.

Make big B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) changes to see big results

In B2B conversion rate optimization, you are often dealing with sites that don’t receive a huge amount of traffic. In such cases testing small changes can take a long time without a significant uplift in conversions. On low traffic, websites start by testing big changes. Over time as you have fixed the low hanging fruit of B2B conversion issues, you can start looking at the smaller changes.

B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about the big picture

Think about the big picture, not the color of buttons and the other small details that can distract from real B2B conversion rate optimization wins. What are you asking the visitor to do? Is it compelling? Are you making it as easy as possible for them? If your offer isn’t relevant to your audience then having a blue button rather than an orange button isn’t going to make a difference.

Think mobile first for your email landing pages

Emails are increasingly consumed on mobile devices. People are reading your emails on the train, sitting in meetings and generally on the move. As a result, the landing pages you send visitors to must be mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means that it should be easy to consume your content and complete your call to action on a mobile device.

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