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What is B2B content strategy?

B2B Content strategy looks across all the content your organization produces and forms a wrapper which ensures everything is aligned and is supportive of your overall business goals. Content strategy is based on a holistic view of all your content and provides the blueprint for future content production, highlighting content gaps, delivering audience insight and ensuring consistency. The content strategy ensures you are producing the right content, in re-usable and consistent way.

Difference between B2B content marketing and B2B content strategy

There is an immense amount of confusion between content marketing and content strategy, these two things are not the same. Content marketing results from content strategy. A content strategy is a blueprint for the content you are going to produce, content marketing is how you are going to promote that content so it reaches your intended audience. The strategy and marketing should work together. Your strategy will identify the audience, what they need, where the content gaps are and how you can fill those gaps, your content marketing will take that new content and distribute it to your audience. The content strategy thinks about the tone of voice, the broad narrative that is being communicated, it looks at what needs to be produced, and what can be re-used. Content marketing looks at channels and tactics to amplify and promote content.

Why do you need a content strategy?

One of the few ways your business interacts with the world around it is through its content. Content tells the world what your business does, who it does it for, and why it matters. In many cases visitors to your website come to consume content, that content could be a piece of thought leadership, a product data sheet or a blog post. Your business, and the many functions within it, produce large volumes of content and a content strategy ensures this content is as effective as possible. As with any business activity having a strategy is the cornerstone of success and content production is no different. Content is expensive and time consuming to produce, it’s also produced to meet a business goal. The strategy aligns everyone that produces content around the same goals and provides consistency.

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B2B content strategy best practices

The content strategy should be the north star for all your content creation activities and needs to provide the guidance that ensures consistency across all the content that is produced by your organization. Here are some content strategy best practices:

The content strategy should include objectives

It needs to be clear to anyone who picks up the B2B content strategy document what your strategy is trying to achieve. You likely have many objectives but distilled them down to a few high-priority ones, these are objectives that can be achieved through content.

Content strategy should be informed by a content audit

The content strategy will fill gaps in content. Before that though, you need to know what content you have. A content audit should document what you have and provide categorisation, target audience, date of creation, owner and when it was last updated.

The content strategy should include insights about your audience

For content creators, the content strategy should provide clear insights about the audiences that your business is targeting, and even the consistent messages you’re sharing with that audience. For example, when targeting a CXO audience your consistent messaging might be on return on investment, whilst when targeting developers your messaging might need to be centered around maintainability. Including such points in your content strategy ensures consistency in your messaging.

The content strategy should set a tone of voice

What is the personality of your brand and how does that shine through in the content your business produces? Is your tone of voice formal, or friendly? You may jump to thinking your tone of voice is friendly, in reality, the tone of voice used by many businesses is formal, even when they don’t want it to be. The longer your approvals process the more sanitized and corporate, content becomes.

Provide direction on producing re-usable content

Content ROI is the result of being able to produce content that can be re-used multiple times. Content isn’t naturally created with multiple uses in mind. You need to capture this direction in your strategy.

Content strategy is delivered through content production and content marketing

A content strategy sets the vision and objectives. This isn’t actioned until the strategy becomes a plan of what to produce and when, and no one will know what has been created unless it works alongside a content marketing plan.


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